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Basic information about the Romme

1. General

Rummy is a combination and mooring game that is common in countless variants all over the world. The uncomplicatedness of its rules made it a popular family and board game for young and old. The rummy sheet usually consists of 2 X 52 cards and up to 6 jokers. 2 to 6 players can participate. In the following, only the basic rules are presented, which can be modified by additional agreements.

2. The combinations

The aim of the game is to combine and create the hand cards to certain combinations. The cards remaining in the hand at the end of the game are counted as a loss.

A distinction is made between sentences and consequences.

Set: 3 or 4 equivalent, but different colored cards:

e.g. KK, HK, PK; T2, K2, H2, P2.

Consequence: At least 3 cards of the same color, in value consecutive value:

e.g. in cross 9, 10, B, D, K or in heart 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.9.

In sequences, the ace may stand both behind the king and in front of the 2, e.g. D, K, A or A, 2, 3. Consequences may also go "around the corner", i.e. D, K, A, 2, 3. Joker (J) are universal cards. When laying out, you can replace any card to form combinations according to the owner's determination, e.g. B. K6, H6, J ; Heart -3, -4, -5, J, -7, -8.

The jokers make it easier to put on and are therefore very sought after.

4. The giving

Depending on the agreement and the number of participants, each player receives face down and, if possible, individually 10 to 13 cards. The rest comes as a Talon hidden in the middle of the table.

5. The Playback

The player sitting to the left of the dealer draws a card from the talon and places an unnecessary card open next to the talon. The next participant can now pick up this open or the top card of the talon and must place an open card again. This creates a drop in addition to the talon. The player in the turn may interpret sentences and sequences openly in front of him when they are together

count at least 40 points. Here count As = 11 points (but only 1 point in the sequence without king), Jack, Queen, King = 10 points each, 2 to 10 = as many points as they show, Joker = as many points as the card for which he is used. Every player who has already laid out 40 points may, when it is his turn again,

a.) interpret further sentences and sequences, even if they count less than 40 points;

b.) create suitable cards to already laid out own and third-party sentences and consequences;

c.) laid out jokers against those cards in their own

and exchange foreign combinations, which through the

Joker are replaced, e.g. from the episode H9, J, HB the

Take out the joker if H10 is inserted for it.

The winner is the first to unle and draw their cards, report "Rommé" and drop a card for the last card drawn from the talon. Hand-Rommé is scored by the player who unfolds or puts all the cards at once without first laying out. The laid out cards can count less than 40 points. If the talon has been used up during the course of the game, the throw-off kick is mixed and used as a talon.

The use of jokers is only allowed in combination with at least 2 natural cards.

6. The settlement

After completion of each individual game, each participant's eyes are written down as minus points in a list. Here As always count 11 points, Joker 20 points and all other cards as under 5. said. In the case of hand rommé, the minus points are doubled. After the game, the points of each player are added together and settled as in the following example:

Player A B C D

Score 220 360 140 490


+140 -140 + 80 -270

- 80 -220 +220 -130

+270 +130 +350 -350


+330 -230 +650 -750

Assuming that the point value was agreed with a tenth of a penny, B 23 and D would have to pay 75 Pfennig, while A 33 and C 65 would receive Pfennig.

7) Preference information that is allowed.

    •    Jockerwertigkeit in billing: 20 or 50

    •    Number of cards dealt 10, 13 and 15

    •    Robber romme allowed (change of the laid out cards is allowed.

    •    Number of jokers used (0..8)

    •    Are 2s allowed as jokers (replace with joker symbol if necessary)

    •    Number of initial registration points (30, 40, 50)

    •    Indication of whether, after handing out the cards, a card should be placed open next to the pile immediately, so that the player also has a choice.

    •    Indication of whether the winner also has to discard a card again.

    •    Ace around the corner is allowed (K, As, 2)

    •    Indication of whether after "Romme" the other players are on again.

    •    Indication of how many eyes you can keep on your hand so that you can make "Romme". Normally 0; Maximum 9

    •    In triple sets, the joker replaces a very specific card by determining the player. For example, you can specify that in the set C9, J, K9 the Joker replaces the P9.

8) Romme variants

Jokers always have an exact card value

a) German family rommè (with laying out)
13 cards; at least 40 eyes to lay out, robbed jokers also on the hand. After "Romme" announcement, the game is over for everyone and you no longer have any cards in your hand.

b) Robber-Rommè (with laying out)
2 jokers; all discarded cards may only be taken for immediate use. Joker in your hand is not allowed. At least 40 eyes to lay out. The robbery of laid cards must be done according to the following cards:

- You may steal cards from laid out messages if at least 3 remaining cards remain. So no card can be stolen from a three-person or a sequence of three. Of 4 common reported cards, one of 5 can be stolen, a maximum of 2 and so on. So no incomplete sentences or consequences must be left behind due to the robbery.

- An exception is the robbery of complete reports. So you can either cup a laid-in message so far that at least 3 cards remain, or you have to steal them completely.

- Stolen cards must be immediately put back into messages. So you must not stick them to the hand cards or drop them.

c) Wiener-Romme (without laying out)
10 or 13 cards, 4 jokers, remaining points, which may remain on the hand at Romme, are a maximum of 9;

d) American Continental Rummy (without lay)
no jokers, but the 2s are joker substitutes (wild cards); 15 cards in the hand; no open card after giving; Romme without remaining cards; After the Romme announcement, all players are still allowed to play, but not to play. After that, it will be billed.

9. Variants that should not be supported

From the multitude of Splelweisen, those should be listed below,
who can enrich the rummy game:

a.) Rummy with knocking: Who is not in turn, but the top card of the drop kick could use, knocks on the table. If the player who is in the moment, gives his consent, the knocker may take this card. In addition, he has to draw 2 cards from the Talon. - In order to to prevent constantly knocking, it should be determined:

The knocker must open the card from the drop and the two
Put Talon cards face down in front of you. When it's his turn is, he must immediately use the open card together with at least can lay out two cards from the hand as a combination. Only then is he allowed to take the two Talon cards in his hand.

i.) As an additional reward, the winner will receive 10 points of his loss points from the previous games (he had 113 points until then, he now only has still 103), with Hand-Rommé even 20 points.

j.) In order to shorten the games with only 2 or 3 participants, everyone has to draw 2 cards from the Talon, even then, if he takes a card from the drop.

10) What should be considered with the user interface?

- a maximum of 16 cards are on the hand

- there are no open cards on the hands of the other players!!

- The laying area (table) can become very small relatively quickly. Especially if
is played with creation.

=> Table must be zoomed (i.e. other players disappear/hide)

=> interpreted sequences are pushed together in such a way that only the relevant cards
to be shown: 4,5,6,7,8 => 4..8

=> Map images are automatically reduced until only the card value and color
is visible.

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