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You want to play blackjack and don't know how? Then you've come to the right place. Let's just start with the rules.

The blackjack game is now one of the most popular card games in the world and originally comes from France. For a good blackjack game, you should not only bring luck, but also a good portion of skills. Casinos on the Internet offer everyone the opportunity to play comfortably from home. Many online casinos also offer blackjack in the Flash version, which does not require a download. Before you start gambling, however, you should first find out about casinos on the Internet. On information portals on the Internet, you can find out about everything in the field of gambling and also read the best strategies.

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Let's now continue with a theoretical part of the game.

Black Jack chances of winning - good prospects

Let's take a look at one of the most popular casino games ever: Black Jack. One of the many reasons why this game crept into the hearts of players so quickly is its easy-to-calculate chances of winning and the simple but successful blackjack strategies. In principle, you can learn the game in half an hour in such a way that you have a good chance of making a profit over a longer period of time - sometimes considerable. We'll talk about the strategies another time, today it's about the blackjack probabilities!

In principle, there are only a few general chances of winning, because in blackjack you will find many rule variants that can strongly influence the final result, for example, whether the dealer stops on a Soft 17 or hits and so on and so on. It makes sense that entire books are written about something like this. But there are some blackjack chances of winning that never change. Above all, I am asked again and again whether it is better to play at a table that plays with only one deck or at one that leads four, six, or eight decks. The answer to this question is: In principle, it doesn't matter, because the ratio of high and low cards does not change.

So what do my blackjack odds look like for a win? Very simple. My chance of a natural blackjack with my first two cards is 4.8%. The chance of a hand with 17-20 points (a hard standing, where I better not buy another card) is 30%, the chance of so-called decision hands is 38.7%. Decision Hands are card combinations where you are well advised to buy a card, but you are in danger of overbuying yourself. There is a little more about the chances of these hands. Let's clarify the probability that you will get a safe No Bust hand. This is 26.5%. This makes your chances look better than in any other casino game. This total 34.8% probability of getting a possible winning hand with the first cards is unique in the casinos of the world. Of course, the blackjack chances of winning listed here only apply if you also adhere to the basic blackjack strategies!

Actually, all that remains is the question of the decision hands. And here, too, there is a simple rule of thumb: the higher your score, the higher the chance of overbuying. In table form, the whole thing looks like this:

                        Score         Chance auf Bust

                            21                        100 %

                            20                          92 %

                            19                          85 %

                            18                          77 %

                            17                          69 %

                            16                          62 %

                            15                          58 %

                            14                          56 %

                            13                          39 %

                            12                          31 %

                            11                            0 %

Even if these numbers of course change slightly, depending on how many cards of which value have already been played, they are a sure help in calculating your Black Jack chances of winning.

That's all you need to play blackjack successfully. Really not! There are no traps and tricks, you can get started with these basics. And these are also the reasons why so many players all over the world like to play blackjack: simple rules, easy to calculate chances of winning and, if you master the advanced blackjack strategies, a good chance to actually beat the game with high profits. What more do you want?


In general, the following must be observed for all online casino games:

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