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If you have any questions, just send us an email to support@raschesspiele.dePlease do not forget to state which exact operating system you are using. The quickest way is to describe your problem or concern as precisely as possible. We only support Rasche`s Kartenspiele 4. All information about my old generations can be found here: Archive to Kartenspiele 3

You can reach us by telephone on: 030 / 746 81 999

The following are the most important steps you should know about our software:

Our old customers should know the following:

  • With this new generation, you no longer need to keep a serial number. You create an account and only have to remember this account name. All products purchased directly are automatically assigned to your account.

    If you buy products for the V4 from other dealers, you can use the serial number once. It will be assigned to your account and after that it will be invalid. The time when the customer looked for their serial number from us is finally over.

  • . You usually buy a product directly in our software. After ordering, most products can be activated immediately on your computer, even though you have not yet paid. There used to be an order page on our homepage or you could send us an email. That doesn't exist anymore.

Product:    Skat Premium          Doppelkopf Premium              Schafkopf Premium

                 Skat 10 / 10 Pro       Doppelkopf 10 / 10 Pro           Schafkopf 10 / 10 Pro

                 Quick Skat 5            Quick Doppelkopf 5,               Quick Schafkopf 5

                                                  Doppelkopf Lehrgänge

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