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 At this point there is a brief overview of the card game Skat. We also offer software for this.

For the newcomer you will find the text of the rules on the following page (German): rules to read.

We also offer software for this card game. You have a total of 4 different products to choose from. They are aimed at different customer groups. If you still have no idea how to play skat, then we also offer you a free course to learn.

 Skat Lehrer

All you have to do is start our Rasche`s Kartenspiele 4 software, click on the drop-down menu and select "Tutorials". It is already starting.

Quick Skat 5

Aimed at users who are only willing to pay as little as possible and only want to play against weaker players. Then you've come to the right place at Quick Skat.

Skat 10 / 10 Pro

If you are not just looking for victims, you can choose between the Skat 10 and Skat 10 Pro products. In addition to additional functions, stronger opponents are also available to you.

Skat Premium

Purchased products have a major disadvantage. New functions are not added to the scope of the product, but you have to wait until a major version jump comes, which is then also subject to a fee.

For this reason we offer Skat Premium as a subscription. Either with a monthly or annual term. At the end of the selected term, the subscription does not have to be renewed. You can immediately enjoy new functions as soon as they are ready, you also have the opportunity to take part in beta tests and you can choose from many exclusive functions that have not yet made it into the purchase products or will not.

If you want to see more of the differences and similarities, click: Unterschiede/Gemeinsamkeiten

Product:    Skat Premium          Doppelkopf Premium              Schafkopf Premium

                 Skat 10 / 10 Pro       Doppelkopf 10 / 10 Pro           Schafkopf 10 / 10 Pro

                 Quick Skat 5            Quick Doppelkopf 5,               Quick Schafkopf 5

                                                  Doppelkopf Lehrgänge

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