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Basics of bluffing at No Limit Texas Hold'em

The Bluff.

That's what poker is all about. At No Limit Hold'em, where you can elicit all the chips from someone in one go, bluffing is a powerful weapon. In fact, bluffing is therefore a more powerful weapon in no-limit games than in all other forms of poker. But maybe you are that kind of person who can't even pretend he wouldn't have taken the last place. If deception is not your strength, you will find some basics for bluffing here.

Bluff the way you want it

Bet of $10 on a pot with $250 is not a bluff, it's just an addition to the pot. If you bluff, you have to make enough bets so that opponents are afraid to call (pay the previous bet). Of course, this means that if they pay the stake, you could lose a little money, but this is exactly what makes bluffing so exciting. Nevertheless, be careful, a very high bet could be considered a bluff by certain opponents, because if you have a real hand, you want to bet a sufficiently small amount for others to call you.

Use the half-bluff

A half-bluff is a situation in which you pretend that your opponent would get out, but if he doesn't, you still have a reasonable chance of winning the hand. For example, if you have Ak and 8k and the board (cards laid out open in the middle of the table) is 6k Bk Kh and Dp and you bet everything, hope that your opponent will get out. However, if he does not do so, you will still win the hand if a heart or a ten appears. This can be an effective game for an inexperienced Bluffer, as it is unlikely that you do not want to "cheat" as much as you want to receive a call.

Be consistent

If you have paid for the bet without increasing (flat calling) and you have a flop of Kh 3p 10k and a turn of 6c, join in when the 6k appears on the river; opponents with strong blades are pushed so that you have beat them. You stand for a 6- threesome, assuming that you made a call pre-flop, flop and turns - with a sheet that was far behind. This is not a likely scenario. It is similar, if consecutive cards of the same suit (flush) appear on the fourth and last card and you make a bet to have this flush, you may not appear very convincing. On the other hand, you have paid the bet without increasing (flat calling) in a flop of two hearts and you enter when a fifth heart appears as the last card (river), you may deceive many opponents so that they believe that you have excavated them. The most important thing is that you are always consistent with the poker game!

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